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"On this topic I suggest a reading of Rianne Eisler in The Chalice and the Blade. Alan Watts also has a great breakdown of Jesus and scripture. Jesus was a cool cat, but his message was hijacked by Paul and the rest of the Handmaid's Tale cast, aka fundagelicals. Pg 120"

Late night with step mom Cory (POV)

Charlie, this feels so good. Instead you just let life happen, shrugging off the bad or the good to the faceless name of Kelly Ross, since you don't know how to take anything personally.

This was good; maybe being with Daddy was bikino so bad after all. "You like to be on top, huh?" and I just raise my eyebrows at her.

Multiple orgasms just crashed over and over through me. Jenny's father had a special saddle for his huge draft horses. My eyes widened as I saw her as a woman for the first time: her face was almost identical to mine, only more mature and ripened, with beautiful green eyes, and perfectly framed by her tousled, light-brown hair.

She flumphed down on my brother's lap. From his perch just outside the window, Howard had just watched his wife put on a sex show for the two men he had set up to come to the house. Better than that mouthful. " "About him loving you?" "Yeah. Before getting her to step out of her jeans, I leaned closer and caught her warm spicy scent.

oru murai thankai matrum aval kanavar irandu per mattum sennai sutrulaa ponapozhuthu, yen bikiin peril yen thankai varpuruththi, oru pirapala maruththuvamanaiyil avarai maruththuva parisothanai seidhu paarththathil, avar vindhu anukkalil yendha visayamum illai yena theriya vanthathu.

The coffee was great and the view through the dress was even better. Bottom out every time, really work her-hard enough that her tits are dancing, okay. Through the slits I could see that both were wearing G-string panties.

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  1. Miss bikini wahine
    Kesida1 year ago

    How do you get a 'minus' on being a garbage collector? It's honest work and it's valued. Shame on you.

  2. Kat
    Kat1 year ago

    Do you have facts to back that up or is that more SJW rhetoric?

  3. Juhn
    Juhn1 year ago

    You know, that's true. I lead a work group composed mostly of peers but also some superiors (including my own boss). They all defer to me a

  4. Miss bikini wahine
    Vurr1 year ago

    And my original point, was and is, that there is not one cable media outlet, FOX included, that does not Make Up their own "stories" for their own Click Bait....Tune In For More "What If" Tonight at 11.

  5. Nataxe
    Nataxe1 year ago

    Doesn't everyone get that message?

  6. Знакомства
    Zulkinris1 year ago

    see? a bald faced lie. this is why i think he should never serve in public office again.

  7. Знакомства
    Shaktit1 year ago

    I consider the fact that no one has refuted this accusation to be admission of truth.

  8. Kalkis
    Kalkis1 year ago

    Go pray to your magic sky daddy.

  9. Gardahn
    Gardahn1 year ago

    I thought you would have an answer since you so willingly jumped into the conversation and even suggested I take a course in political science.

  10. Miss bikini wahine
    Dull11 months ago

    LOL sure he did.

  11. Shashicage
    Shashicage11 months ago

    My Dad used to eat Limburger cheese and I swear to God I have seen flies fall dead on the floor when he opened the package....

  12. Tygosho
    Tygosho11 months ago

    TV show, hands down

  13. Kajill
    Kajill11 months ago

    I have nothing to prove. All talk of gods is speculative in my view.

  14. Nik
    Nik11 months ago

    And people like you confuse a thought experiment with reality and think are into something for it...

  15. Знакомства
    Mezizragore10 months ago

    Damn, I've been doing it wrong... is that why I got those strange looks? I thought it was I was doing the Betty and Veronica and my boobs were bouncing too much.

  16. Musho
    Musho10 months ago

    Why is this even an OP? I can't believe this!

  17. Zolor
    Zolor10 months ago

    no there's a butcher shop just east of peterborough called otonabee meat packers ... decent prices and great taste .... all canadian meat

  18. Nishakar
    Nishakar10 months ago

    Yes, when I read a bit more, it came down to that particular law was being enforced unevenly with particular bias against this particular baker. The overall question of if a private business is allowed to discriminate was punted.

  19. Takinos
    Takinos10 months ago

    And now for something completely different -

  20. Mut
    Mut10 months ago

    Most Christian churches do not consider being gay (attracted to your own gender) to be a sin. The handful of passages that discuss it are all about acting on the impulse. Paul condemned "giving into your passions", not having the passion in the first place.

  21. Samucage
    Samucage10 months ago

    No, neither of them is married or in a relationship at the moment. I am encouraging one to poke his head out of his shell. He's one of the nicest and thoughtful people I've ever met. Like...a real good guy with no guile or bullshit. He's gonna make a girl very happy one day. He also lives across an ocean XD, so yeah... Not a threat lol

  22. Miss bikini wahine
    Dokinos10 months ago

    No Mercy Golden State! Chicago Ni****'s are watching! We're watching. No Mercy!!! Make them feel you. Get the sweep.

  23. Знакомства
    Gukora9 months ago

    We are a nation of people. Yes, of course religion comes into play in our laws. The difference is that as individuals we have a choice. In America we can protest laws we feel unfair and change them. Not true in other countries.

  24. Знакомства
    Samura9 months ago

    What I said in German ? Crack open a walnut and look inside.. Almost there ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

  25. Знакомства
    Tetaxe9 months ago

    spent too much time in Hanover and Gettysburg. And NO, pa people, it's NOT pronounced gett-is-berg.

  26. Знакомства
    Tojamuro9 months ago

    Its rough tough as hell! Taking it one step at a time... GOD is guiding me for the best

  27. Maujora
    Maujora9 months ago

    why is my country plural?

  28. Miss bikini wahine
    Shakalkis9 months ago

    Sarah Palin can see Russia.

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