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"I have taken to pronouncing these titles as is they were last names. Its really fun. Try saying batman instead of Bat-Man."


When the sun sank a little lower the three girls and Michael decided to play tennis, so Rechead went to get changed leaving me alone in the pool with David.

I took a deep breath, the air filled with the scent of pussy. I truly wanted her to enjoy this. Every morning they went to the stables and each chose one of the little stallions to service them.


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  1. Знакомства
    Zugor6 months ago

    "Nothing to do with Trump"? You must be kidding! EVERY indictment so far has everything to do with Trump. Popadopolous has testified that he was the "Go-Between" Trump's campaign and Russia, relating messages from a "Top Trump Official" directly to Russia. Manafort has been charged with participating in Russian Money Laundering schemes

  2. Jujind
    Jujind6 months ago

    Because they believe in the right god, i.e., no god at all.

  3. Tele
    Tele6 months ago

    First, I've already described parts of it and you haven't refuted that.

  4. Free redhead tube sex Redhead
    Shakagal5 months ago

    You got it!

  5. Знакомства
    Akinotaxe5 months ago

    My pleasure. Racism here in Canada is getting a smaller stature, but it still exists.

  6. Знакомства
    Gobei5 months ago

    We just confused IIuvsTrumpf.

  7. Melabar
    Melabar5 months ago

    He is not French either.

  8. Akinobar
    Akinobar5 months ago

    I don't think the average Christian could actually provide solid, tangible proof of God as God, or Creator, is an all-encompassing, unconcievable and non-explainable force that can't be percieved by the regular senses. Other than in the wonder of the complexity of the natural world around us all, or the human body, DNA coding etc. Proof of the Creator and our spiritual awareness, and knowledge of it's love and presence in our lives, is a completely personal experience. Nobody can show proof of divinity of another being. to someone. Not unless that person is enlightened to the point of becoming divine in the flesh themselves. In which case, I guess a few miracles that can't be explained away such as Yeshua manifested may just convince most. Not easy. Spiritual undestanding is much like knowing what true love feels like. It can't be satisfactorily explained to one who's yet to find love themselves, as it's not understandable fully without experience. Both love and divine knowing are beyond logic and reason, thus impossible to soundly rationalize to anyone with reasonable, explanatory arguments. And actual evidence is something that can only be truly obtained by the one lucky enough to have found either.

  9. Gara
    Gara4 months ago

    "I don't care that you have a Tesla or Audi. I don't care that you make six figures, etc..."

  10. Fenriran
    Fenriran4 months ago

    Yeah, I'm fairly sure that's not even remotely true, and you just want to virtue signal to your gun tribe.

  11. Free redhead tube sex Redhead
    Kakazahn4 months ago

    "And yet there isn't a law that does that."

  12. Vum
    Vum4 months ago

    "Once you talk about nothing it becomes something" Lawrence Krause - 2016 Asimov memorial debates.

  13. Free redhead tube sex Redhead
    Mecage3 months ago

    "I didn't say I made a commitment to a spirit. I think perhaps the words spiritual commitment mean something else to you."

  14. Знакомства
    Shashura3 months ago

    I'll give you 73 licks and we call it even?

  15. Знакомства
    Zuluzuru3 months ago

    Of course it did, but that was like 200 years before the 1st crusade. And it was not burning out "infidels". That came with the crusades and the Chrsitans. But until the 1st crusade inner faith issues where pretty tolerant. The Caliphate expanded until about 760 or so, but staid where it was after that. But Rome was falling apart and had already broken in two. And as empires of the dy did, they went after some nice choice territories to expand.

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