The Nanoplug Hearing Aid Stirs Controversy

When news of a revolutionary new hearing aid hit the market, many people were stunned due to its incredible state of the art technology. As time passed by though, more and more people have become concerned this device was nothing more than a rip off. Read on for more information about the hearing aid device called the Nanoplug, and the controversy surrounding it.

The Nanoplug is so tiny that it is marketed as being invisible. It is inserted in to the ear canal, and has to be taken out with a special device that it comes with or tweezers. Smaller than a coffee bean, and just a bit bigger than a grain of rice, it is said to hold a non-removable battery that recharges itself. The size of the Nanoplug makes many unbelievers claim it to be impossible. It is half of the size of standard hearing aids that are already small, and considered “discreet”. The Nanoplug is said to be powered by an equally tiny nanobattery that can be recharged instantly without waiting like standard trickle charge batteries. Many people say this kind of technology is impossible, and it can’t possibly exist. Others say if the technology really exists, then it will revolutionize numerous electronic products. The cost also has hearing aid companies upset, because it is considerably less expensive than standard hearing aids at only $250.00 per Nanoplug, or $400.00 per pair.

The hearing aid was designed by former geography professor Nevena Zific who uses a hearing aid herself. She wanted to design a hearing aid that was invisible so that even younger people with hearing loss would feel comfortable wearing it. Nevena’s company also made the hearing aid so user friendly that it can be connected to a computer to be customized for the wearers preferences. Quite a few have been sold already, but questions continue to arise if a hearing aid like this is really possible, or just a scam. Time will tell, as deliveries of the product are set to begin this month.