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Kick down lick up

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"So YOU are one of the evil ones! Why?!?!?!"

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New Blonde MILF gets Anal Creampie POV

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  1. Kick down lick up
    Guzilkree1 year ago

    Socialism is hunky-dory until you run out of everybody else's money. It's government run Social Security and healthcare that is breaking the bank in America. The isolated counties that have privatize Social Security end up getting more money at the end than the rest of us.

  2. Tunris
    Tunris1 year ago

    The only bridges worth investing in are toll bridges in urban areas.

  3. Знакомства
    Shakazilkree1 year ago

    The bible is not true then!

  4. Знакомства
    Vumuro1 year ago

    Christians have led the charge for decades against gay rights.

  5. Vogal
    Vogal1 year ago

    Oh, I do feel oppressed by laws but not because of religion. That is mainly just governmental theft of my property which I don't subscribe to. But I just don't see how religion affects you. What religious principal do you mean? I mean the blue laws do kinda piss me off. I should be able to buy a beer before noon on Sunday but that kinda goes back to the woman's suffrage movements. I don't blame religion for that as much as I blame women.

  6. Знакомства
    Kigaran1 year ago

    the trees....look at the trees

  7. Kick down lick up
    Monris11 months ago

    You just want to pick a fight, OK. No. JW's et. al. want me

  8. Знакомства
    Brashura11 months ago

    The correct way to express the parallel relationship to my formulation, though, would be, "No Mohammed, no Arabic contributions to Christian developments in Math or Science."

  9. Kick down lick up
    Nikogore11 months ago

    Abomination is a KJV word. The literal translation is more like "taboo".

  10. Malakree
    Malakree11 months ago

    Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps pollution. No refuge could save the hireling and slave, from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave.

  11. Faera
    Faera10 months ago

    It's pointing out that you have no argument

  12. Fekus
    Fekus10 months ago

    Most of them believe it because that is what their local culture and family believes. Then when dreams and feelings come along, their imagination then frames them in the context of their pre-conceived worldview.

  13. Tauzilkree
    Tauzilkree10 months ago

    As I suspected.

  14. Moogugal
    Moogugal10 months ago

    Occasionally I wonder what it tells us about the Creator that he chose to raise this one particular lifeform to dominance over the Earth.

  15. Tataxe
    Tataxe10 months ago

    Judah...and God with Judah.

  16. Mibei
    Mibei9 months ago

    Not all illegals who cross the boarder sell their kids for body part. Infact I would take a guess no mother or father would. But the gangs that do human trafficking do. So to lump them all together is just perpetuating the lie that all the illegals are, murderers, rapists and drug dealers.

  17. Ditilar
    Ditilar9 months ago

    Did they teach Sunday school every week? Give sermons regularly?

  18. Знакомства
    Vigis9 months ago

    More likely just sick and tired of your shtick.

  19. Faulrajas
    Faulrajas9 months ago

    You said atheism is lack of belief. Then you said you believe in people. That is a logical contradiction. Isn't it?

  20. Kick down lick up
    Tukus9 months ago

    A quoting the bible, always a great tactic in debating an atheist. Just because a fictional character says something in a book doesn't make it true. A fool believes something without evidence without questioning it. The bible gets it the wrong way round.

  21. Kick down lick up
    Kajijar9 months ago

    Since Dump doesn't have any "aptitude", I guess "attitude" will have to do.

  22. Gakasa
    Gakasa8 months ago

    Until congress does its job and starts increasing the fines for ANYONE knowingly hiring a person who isn't in the country legally and in possession of a valid green card, this is not going to change. If the citizens in this country give power in congress back to leftists who view these illegals as potential votes, this problem will get worse. I'm hopeful that there are enough voters with common sense who will go to the polls in November, but only mildly hopeful.

  23. Kick down lick up
    Tauzshura8 months ago

    A hindu friend of mine firmly believed trees had souls. And in a comatose episode he went through, he experienced incarnating as a tree for hundreds of years. He thought it was the best kind of life.

  24. Kick down lick up
    Vor8 months ago

    I'll admit...She will have a lot of responsibility once she's 100% trained and into her duties, but I have a lot of responsibility, too. What gets me is...She doesn't even have a degree related to what she does here. If she did, I could understand making more money, but she's got a degree in general studies. Not bashing it, but it's not something focused on her job here.

  25. Faemuro
    Faemuro8 months ago

    "Well no based on written accounts of what he said."

  26. Kick down lick up
    Kazilkis8 months ago

    Lol only you and a few others would be left by day's end.

  27. Vugul
    Vugul7 months ago

    You are the one whining about someone tarnishing your reputation and demanding an apology.

  28. Dulabar
    Dulabar7 months ago

    You did not exist quite obliviously before your body began to function. You will return to that state quite nicely again once your body ceases to function once more.

  29. Kick down lick up
    Kigalkis7 months ago

    Even Christ's FIRST coming didn't meet the expectations of prophecy.

  30. Kick down lick up
    Nijind7 months ago

    I aspire to be like her when I'm old.

  31. Kick down lick up
    Gardaramar7 months ago

    Of course not but it sends a really clear message. YOU dont get to discrimiunate and denigrate people of faith, Got it? Good..

  32. Magami
    Magami7 months ago

    I like Dr. David Michael brown. Messanic scholar.

  33. Знакомства
    Neramar6 months ago

    Assuming you're referring to questions about the reliability of the Bible, that's a whole other discussion...

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