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Arts and crafts style decorating asian

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"Lol wait you didn't like him in that film with Tom Cruise and the one with RDJ?"

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  1. Gohn
    Gohn5 months ago

    An interesting development...the hacks on here have started to post what they imagine to be, flattering cartoons of Hussein and fat legs, Clinton! Do they really have nobody else? Maybe, they should be encouraged to put Clinton up as a candidate for the Presidency.....they're quite stupid enough to do it!

  2. Знакомства
    Malara5 months ago

    You mean cloistered outside in the real world? When you are cloistered inside in front of the tv and news, you're mind is in far worse shape and more anxious. If I were you, I'd give it up and get outside.

  3. Знакомства
    Grolmaran5 months ago

    Ah, you're talking about the literal translation. Don't know, but I'm pretty sure this one isn't based on semantics.

  4. Netaur
    Netaur5 months ago

    I highlighted your comment to point out that she is in the extreme minority of our combat veterans.

  5. Arts and crafts style decorating asian
    Vim4 months ago

    It really goes to show how easily and casually men dismiss women. I always liked Jason Bateman but this was just messed up. And it's sad that these guys don't even really see what they are doing as wrong.

  6. Arts and crafts style decorating asian
    Nagul4 months ago

    So you are the spokesperson for over a billion catholics?

  7. Arts and crafts style decorating asian
    Yozshugar4 months ago

    Trump hosted them to highlight the problem with illegal immigration. It was for the purpose of promoting national security, not politics. HRC had Khan on stage for purely mercenary and political gain.

  8. Najas
    Najas3 months ago

    HE does not. It is men that grope in the darkness that say HE demands it. These are the same men that handled HIS Prophets in the darkness, that killed them because of the light they were emitting through the message they had.

  9. Arts and crafts style decorating asian
    Mozil3 months ago

    Yes, scammers and malingerers. I stand by that, and I absolutely will not repeat those who are not such people. I won't, even though you distort and lie about what I write.

  10. Знакомства
    Malagami3 months ago

    You?re lucky it was your wife that took 2 weeks & not you.

  11. Знакомства
    Nikocage3 months ago

    O-M or Laker ?????

  12. Arts and crafts style decorating asian
    Juk2 months ago

    I wpuld not be shocked by that. But the comment was a generalisation. So somone pointed put not all Muslims were homophobic

  13. Знакомства
    Ararr2 months ago

    But you've been ardently defending the Christian god this whole time. The Biblical god. Now you're swerving to a deistic, non-intervening god.

  14. Arts and crafts style decorating asian
    Voodoojinn2 months ago

    So, is this Christian "call to arms" the position of all Christians, i.e. a platform that wants to deny basic health care and a livable wage to US citizens while supporting a current administration that is the embodiment of immorality?

  15. Знакомства
    Goltisida2 months ago

    Calling someone a name differs from criticizing a religion.

  16. Знакомства
    Murisar2 months ago

    Why..Why would you do this.

  17. Goltill
    Goltill2 months ago

    Yes: support for slavery is down... and yet genocide and ethnic cleansing are growing in frequency. This is not a coincidence.

  18. Samule
    Samule1 month ago

    The number 6 is the representation of man, created on the sixth day.

  19. Знакомства
    Sat1 month ago

    That since was not a complete sentence. It was very confusing and had little do to with English,much less science.

  20. Meztigrel
    Meztigrel1 month ago

    So you are bisexual then I guess.

  21. Goshicage
    Goshicage1 month ago

    It doesn't mean a new planet as some think--It means a new system of things-Gods kingdom in full control forever

  22. Mezitaxe
    Mezitaxe1 month ago

    Proverbs, you spelled "Genesis" wrong, when you claimed that something had no evidence. See, Genesis has no evidence.

  23. Arts and crafts style decorating asian
    Mazunos4 weeks ago

    If I look at the context of this "sudden new law" then I see Roam85 thinking I am "advertising". Nope. I saw Him struggling with wrong perspectives on the Bible.

  24. Zulurr
    Zulurr3 weeks ago

    1,2 and 3: yes, yes, and yes.

  25. Знакомства
    Voodooktilar1 week ago

    You want to talk about spelling errors (or in my case, a single typo)? Think carefully before you answer, lol...

  26. Arts and crafts style decorating asian
    Maugis6 days ago

    If ?it? just refers to discussing sex details, I thought there was a stereotype about women doing so. Men bragging about their conquests, real or imagined, I agree.

  27. Yonos
    Yonos1 day ago

    sad T, if that's all you're going to say you'd be better off not saying anything at all. kiss your mama with those manners?

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