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How to shave an ass

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"Without the resurrection, Christianity is legless. Yet we know there are Mormons and there are Christians so it doesn't exactly require evidence for people to believe in something. They each experience something and prescribe whatever cause they want it to be."

Teacher Gets A Lesson in Fucking

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Teacher Gets A Lesson in Fucking

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  1. Arashikree
    Arashikree10 months ago

    I'd like to propose adding to our community guidelines with something like the following:

  2. How to shave an ass
    Mikasar10 months ago

    Churches do not, unless they are a for profit wedding chapel

  3. Goltikus
    Goltikus9 months ago

    Wait a minute. You honestly think that Trump has any kind of handle on how the 90% lives, further than he can use it as rhetoric to get the votes of the uninformed and poor? Rather, he may have a political handle on it, but do you honestly think he cares about these people further than their vote?

  4. Zuluhn
    Zuluhn9 months ago

    So that's a lot of manmade orchestration going on then...i guess muh and the Saudis were in on it too. Sounds like a 70s group.

  5. Mezirg
    Mezirg9 months ago

    One guy had prior experience at McDonald?s.

  6. How to shave an ass
    Tygosar9 months ago

    You make an assumption (that Abraham never existed) and then try to compare Jesus to that assumption.

  7. Знакомства
    Moogulabar9 months ago

    lol. We on the other hand figured if you're gonna have a fire sale, why not kick it off with an actual fire?

  8. How to shave an ass
    Zulular9 months ago

    Really? Hmmm seems you do not know your history either.

  9. Grogami
    Grogami8 months ago

    Oh, trust me...I know Catholics go overboard too but they havent displayed a level of intolerance that often leads to physical and verbal abuse as with Islam.

  10. Akishicage
    Akishicage8 months ago

    The school resource officer at Dixon high school.

  11. How to shave an ass
    Gagal8 months ago

    Among normal people yes, but among a certain segment of media and academia, outrage is big money.

  12. How to shave an ass
    Shaktikazahn8 months ago

    have you never stared at a hot girl out of instinct without it being a volunteer act?

  13. Mukora
    Mukora8 months ago

    If Southern Baptist supported slavery at any time, they were wrong. I defy anyone to defend slavery using scripture. Kidnapping Africans to make them slaves is against scripture. Your using scripture to attack a Christian tells me you are not a Christian and most likely because you have liberal social views that are against Christianity and the laws of God.

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