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"Nope, I am not into conspiracy theories."

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  1. Знакомства
    Malak1 year ago

    Nothing is "basic" when it comes to the atmosphere. We went cold-turkey on CFCs in the 80's.... something we could NEVER do with CO2. 30 years later the ozone hole is a bit smaller - but it still looks pretty healthy to me. Not to mention that something else is going on with ozone depletion that they never saw coming with their precious "climate models".

  2. Spank my naughty wife
    Kajit1 year ago

    "Don't act surprised or offended when someone calls you out on your religion as being the cause of your negative behavior."

  3. Kajilkree
    Kajilkree1 year ago

    Yeah, I know.

  4. Shakarr
    Shakarr11 months ago

    As a Child I had to listen to my Father. Now as a Grown-up I have to listen to my Husband. But who are you listening too?

  5. Fezshura
    Fezshura11 months ago

    God came to earth not as the Father but as the Son to show His Children who and what they are now. It is as any Father, stooping down to show his child how to be a human being. In this instance just God showing His Children how to be Godly Children.

  6. Voodoozilkree
    Voodoozilkree11 months ago

    Sure you can. No one's stopping you. That doesn't mean the internet is the public square. Unless you own a hosting service, you're going to have to have someone host that site for you, though. In the same way that Stormfront lost their hosting service because of what they posted, you might have difficulty finding service if you're going to post something bigoted which can be viewed as hate speech. The internet is, even more thanks to Ajit Pai, a utility. For the most part, it's populated by private enterprise. People like to pretend it's the public square.

  7. Spank my naughty wife
    Taushicage11 months ago

    Be careful what you wish for lest ye might get it and not want it after all.

  8. Spank my naughty wife
    Munos11 months ago

    That your attitude is out of line with the entire civilized world. But you're a good Christian so Fvck em eh?

  9. Tobar
    Tobar10 months ago

    "Mission accomplished" right?

  10. Mazilkree
    Mazilkree10 months ago

    Bahahahaha! Right. /s

  11. Spank my naughty wife
    Mazusida10 months ago

    Of course the choice is about the life of the foetus and mother, in the widest possible sense, but nothing you have written persuades me that the choice is not hers to make, nor that her decision should not be acquiesced to. Certainly not that the Government of the day, nor any religion should have a hand in forbidding/allowing the choice to be made. It seems to me that enforcing, as far as possible a term limit is a reasonable compromise. Along with easily obtainable contraception and the "morning-after" pill.

  12. Yogul
    Yogul10 months ago

    Search for the word: "Judgement". Then comment.

  13. Знакомства
    Virisar10 months ago

    Yup. Makes sense.

  14. Spank my naughty wife
    Mezim9 months ago

    No one cares. That was 153 years ago.

  15. Spank my naughty wife
    Taulkis9 months ago

    Same thing, he is just more honest about his bigotry

  16. Dutaxe
    Dutaxe9 months ago

    lol - or I just don't want her to touch ANY of my shit cos clearly she knows something I do not.

  17. Spank my naughty wife
    Shakakasa9 months ago

    What happened in the War of 1812 has no bearing on a trade war taking place today and Trump designating Canada a security threat...

  18. Знакомства
    Doubar9 months ago

    I really do believe that world change must begin on an individual level. I am not familiar with Buddhist teachings, but I have been of the opinion that their teachings are not pushed like christian teaching. It appears to me that only someone seeking out their ideas, will find out more about Buddhism. Am I correct in this?

  19. Spank my naughty wife
    Tygozuru9 months ago

    slot machines are apparently the god old white people worship

  20. Maukus
    Maukus8 months ago

    No CREDIBLE evidence and BAD evidence are the same thing.

  21. Zule
    Zule8 months ago

    "Women were supposed to say no multiple times and men were supposed to be persistent to prove their honorable intentions."

  22. Spank my naughty wife
    Sarr8 months ago

    Another lie... juicier and juicier.

  23. Narisar
    Narisar8 months ago

    No i dont, but would like to????

  24. Spank my naughty wife
    Guzilkree8 months ago

    Yes, everyone know liberals are vindictive.

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