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Pantyhose and rapidshare

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"I didn't move the goalpost, nor was I ambiguous. I think I explained it pretty clearly. I'll just let you re-read it until you get it. Have a nice day."

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Even female chimpanzees will sell themselves in exchange for payment in the form of food. I tossed her jeans on top of our two T shirts on the floor and returned my gaze to the thinly covered patch of heaven before ans eyes.

Who Is The Best Teen Squirter - Bonnie Vs Veronica - Compilation W/O Music

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  1. Samut
    Samut4 months ago

    Could you answer a simple question in a low-redundancy clear way: what does an average American prefer, to be killed or to be raped?

  2. Знакомства
    Maktilar4 months ago

    What is it about us primates.? Still backward?.I would say so as evidenced by men and women chasing a ball all over creation . they are still enamored about discovery of the wheel. So vain yet..

  3. Dusar
    Dusar4 months ago

    Alpha is the FIRST letter and OMEGA is the LAST letter, so same thing no beginning no end, i.e. ETERNAL.

  4. Zololabar
    Zololabar3 months ago

    I really don't care how they "feel" about it. they all worship the dollar, and fear the US military. I don't particularly like Walmart, but they sure do have cheap gym socks! so, I hold my nose and give them my money.

  5. Знакомства
    Mooguzragore3 months ago

    obama saved the economy and passed healthcare reform his first year

  6. Знакомства
    Zubar3 months ago

    I can give a list with photos, but it's an ugly game to play.

  7. Gara
    Gara3 months ago

    That's none of your business, none of mine. If he's a minister of God, that's Gods business. If duplantis is stealing from God, Gods in charge to fix it, not bless his ministry.

  8. Знакомства
    Ferg3 months ago

    Who made the claim that everyone that goes to church is perfect. That?s like saying everyone that goes to the gym is a body builder.

  9. Знакомства
    Baktilar3 months ago

    They have one resource. They're smart b*tards. They mainly trade intellectual property for what they need.

  10. Masida
    Masida2 months ago

    So now there is more than one god???

  11. Знакомства
    Arashijind2 months ago

    Correct. My association with these words is based on experience. My mom loves me. God shows no such love for anything but himself.

  12. Moogull
    Moogull2 months ago

    Yes we are obsessive bastards lol

  13. Kazilkree
    Kazilkree2 months ago

    For myself I've found this to have the opposite effect.

  14. Mauktilar
    Mauktilar2 months ago

    Nothing was said about God. He was talking about morality.

  15. Pantyhose and rapidshare
    Zurisar2 months ago

    My mom taught me, Don't complain, blame or explain.

  16. JoJomi
    JoJomi2 months ago

    Being a Virgin is innocence ...? Being a Virgin means not have had I sexual Intercourse .Innocence is something else. What is Sin ? What did Adam do ? ?? ??

  17. Vukazahn
    Vukazahn1 month ago

    Good morning ca.....

  18. Malat
    Malat1 month ago

    What studies have you done in which there are 600 people left on earth, to make the conclusion that "non religious people are rather unique in thier disinterest in having enough kids to grow in population"

  19. Знакомства
    Yozshugor1 month ago

    Exactly - faith and religion . You know... atheism

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