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Dick chaney waving

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"OMG!! Really?! SMH."

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"Good evening ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking.

I walked into the room to see Rachel fast asleep in one bed, so I took the hint and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out. It's an hour or two hours a day where you can just be, not thinking about anything in particular. I glanced over my shoulder at him with what I hoped was a coy smile.

"The nursery is the third door on the right just passed the master bedroom. "Well I don't see why would do that" I told him. ""Yum," she exclaimed "same time tomorrow ok?" I smiled and laughed as I put my clothes on and walked to the window, back into the cold.

"Come on, show us you can lick your own tits. Perhaps, because they always paid their rent on time, he surmised. Besides, the titties commanded me to submit and I couldn't resist.

like every other guy i got the same answer i was hurt once. His face had little to no blemishes on it and his lips looked soft and juicy. He nodded, smiling.

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  1. Nizil
    Nizil7 months ago

    Did your car crash itself? Call now for your part of a $300 million settlement...

  2. Kazihn
    Kazihn6 months ago

    This chart is for that segment of society that lives at the top of the Himalaya and in dirigibles, of course.

  3. Dick chaney waving
    Yozshulrajas6 months ago

    Confirmed: Orange head is Putins beatch.

  4. Знакомства
    Yozshulkis6 months ago

    No, just haven't had a cup, yet.

  5. Dick chaney waving
    Dinos6 months ago

    But makes for great Socialist fodder dont it haha

  6. Знакомства
    Murisar6 months ago

    That?s almost definitely how they?d respond, but those of us who believe in freedom don?t over punish breaks in decorum

  7. Gajora
    Gajora6 months ago

    Obama served two terms by that general guiding principle, so it worked out pretty well.

  8. Fenrilkree
    Fenrilkree5 months ago

    Bit of a stereotype, there. Sorta like saying Christians won't let people make fun of their religion. Meanwhile, there are plenty of non-conservatives of both faiths who enjoy a good laugh if it's in the spirit of congeniality & not oppression or ridicule. IIR there was even a Muslim comedy troupe that traveled through the US South a few years back.

  9. Dick chaney waving
    Ditaxe5 months ago

    You think drowning babies is a good thing!!!!!

  10. Dick chaney waving
    Goltisar5 months ago

    Making Americans Grow Angry.

  11. Dick chaney waving
    Katilar5 months ago

    I like the way you think!

  12. Grozuru
    Grozuru5 months ago

    My grandmother was a complex mess of stuff - bipolar plus personality disorder plus crazy life story plus just some nastiness sometimes. Some of her quirks, like staying up all night, slight hoarding, flight of ideas or pressured speech, were likely part of the bipolar disorder. I don't think that her treatment of my mother was all due to the bipolar though. She was constantly insulting her and showed zero appreciation. I know she was capable of doing better because she was nicer to my sister and I. I have a good friend who is bipolar, and she manages not to be a total bitch to her daughter.

  13. Dick chaney waving
    Mokasa5 months ago

    It was about the coin. Have you read the Bible?

  14. Знакомства
    Tukinos5 months ago

    Yea, you still think Oswald acted alone, huh.

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