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"A James Bond book mentions real people and places. And there actually is zero evidence that a million people wandered and lived in the desert. Just like there is zero evidence that Noah's flood ever happened. It is all fables."

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The silence was broken by Skip asking, "How long have you guys been here?" "Just a day," Donny said between bites. Before getting her to step out of her jeans, I leaned closer and caught her warm spicy scent.

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I began tugging, calling out. I said "Go on; squirt your jizz in my crack, cum all over me". Jasmine loved her sister Angela and the found certain sexual fun to share that only women could do.

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  1. Gozragore
    Gozragore9 months ago

    Unicorns are a reference to the Rhinoceros.

  2. Gaktilar
    Gaktilar8 months ago

    You claim that your "need" for semi-automatic weapons is consistent with...

  3. Gardajas
    Gardajas8 months ago

    Move somewhere else. penny pinch. Shack up with a friend. Get two jobs...put off having sex for a bit.

  4. Знакомства
    Sak8 months ago

    "When God speaks of ?A new covenant,? He makes the first one obsolete".

  5. Shit piss sites
    Gur8 months ago

    Oh wow, you are really upset. I'm SOOOO sorry, truly,.

  6. Shit piss sites
    Judal7 months ago

    I could be covered from head to toe in ink and it won?t change who I am fundamentally. I?m not a prude but I don?t bend over and spread my legs for everything that?s hard enough to please me lol

  7. Douzil
    Douzil7 months ago

    they don't owe the Liberals any favours though.

  8. Nirn
    Nirn7 months ago

    Holy shit, youre over thinking it.

  9. Shit piss sites
    Mazubei7 months ago

    >>"They cannot vote to institute religion, etc. But it can inform them, just as with another politician, issues over poverty, the importance of education, etc., can inform them and determine their voting."<<

  10. Знакомства
    Kazijind6 months ago

    My fault. Personally, I thought "galactic gaseous space grandpa" was pretty funny. I see now that I inadvertently endorsed it.

  11. Shit piss sites
    Moogular6 months ago

    Is that what you think feminism is about? Standing up for themselves?

  12. Shit piss sites
    Duzahn6 months ago

    The case wasn't about creativity. It never was. That was only a tactic picked up after the fact in order to justify the baker's intolerance.

  13. Vudonos
    Vudonos6 months ago

    Not here. Not with me.

  14. Bragore
    Bragore5 months ago

    Need a college education ,

  15. Fauzilkree
    Fauzilkree5 months ago

    Yes I do! I know that you know stuffy stuff!

  16. Durr
    Durr5 months ago

    He was not a human being?

  17. Yorr
    Yorr5 months ago

    I am assuming that the Russian law is a limit on proselytizing by Jehova's Witnesses because of the recent news coverage. As annoying as it can be to have dinner, the ball game or whatever, disturbed or be otherwise bothered by Mormon missionaries or JW's, I can just say "no" and close the door. I would not prevent people from doing something that they view as a good thing to do, as much as I disagree with them.

  18. Знакомства
    Gardajas5 months ago

    More importantly science freely admits it hasn't all the answers, invites criticism and wants to evolve it's beliefs. Religion claims it has had all the answers for thousands of years already, unalterable, period.

  19. Vishicage
    Vishicage5 months ago

    Was it evolution?

  20. Shit piss sites
    Gakasa4 months ago

    Heaven is vague. No one has a clear picture of what one will be doing for an eternity in heaven.Why? Because existing forever would be torture at some point you will have done everything you could possibly do you?ll get bored.

  21. Shaktirg
    Shaktirg4 months ago

    No, but Im sure *some* do.

  22. Знакомства
    Brashakar4 months ago

    So claims you. But then, you don't like admitting the bible was a work of man. Not gods.

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