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"Religiosity has been declining in this country. So has crime -- dramatically!"

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  1. Nilabar
    Nilabar4 months ago

    Of course you would because their beliefs align with yours. Your bias is so ingrained at this point you are oblivious to it.

  2. Daijinn
    Daijinn4 months ago

    I?ll never drive through it again. ;)

  3. Знакомства
    Yozshurn4 months ago

    The whole idea of supernatural gods and deities started in the minds of simple stone age peoples whos whole reference for life was experienced in the distance they could walk and what they could observe without the knowledge of science biology, maths and chemistry.

  4. Akinosida
    Akinosida4 months ago

    Those things only register for me if I intend to date them long term with - if they stir the sentiment anyway - marriage in mind.

  5. Hey innocent naked lesbians Fetish
    Tukree3 months ago

    "Yup, she was a socialist in a blue suit......"

  6. Shaktilabar
    Shaktilabar3 months ago

    Wrong again. The Church has been Catholic since the Pentecost. You are right that Jesus is the head. We are the Body. We are also a family, and there are roles, in papa being an important role for leadership and organization of ONE body. Where do you fit into the body of you are a rouge sheep believing whatever you want to believe interpreting all heretical ways and getting it all wrong. You?re prideful and deny the Bride the Christ, so you deny the body He built for us.

  7. Знакомства
    Voodootaxe3 months ago

    Found your last holiday pic.

  8. Tojashura
    Tojashura3 months ago

    Yes, nothing like irrational escalation to violence when a snowflake has his feelings hurt. I hope anyone who indulges themselves this infantile and barbaric behavior finds themselves in a long time out behind prison bars, and sees their life savings go to compensate the victim of intentional and pre-meditated poor social skills.

  9. Maull
    Maull2 months ago

    I need to make those soon.

  10. Hey innocent naked lesbians Fetish
    Kishura2 months ago

    Who said anything about

  11. Знакомства
    JoJolrajas2 months ago

    It's meant to convey a process of creation as well as Who is doing the creating...

  12. Marn
    Marn2 months ago

    So - in your understanding and knowledge - the plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln, and its consequent murder, was not a real attempt to damage the new USA Government in favour of their own selected course of actions?

  13. Fenrile
    Fenrile2 months ago

    That's what I have been saying for many years regarding the man made NT and the adulterated Torah that exists today.

  14. Знакомства
    Nikotilar1 month ago

    Get this. The only time I've had to put out a pot fire was years ago in my mom's basement. You won't believe this but it was the actor Micheal Ironside that started it. He was stupid stoned. He was a friend of my older brother from college.

  15. Знакомства
    Nakora1 month ago

    Oh shit! Not again!

  16. Hey innocent naked lesbians Fetish
    Tojashura1 month ago

    "Science makes God unnecessary." Wow... How arrogant words!

  17. Arashishicage
    Arashishicage4 weeks ago

    Well, your example would hold up, but it falls apart when you look at the number of people on the right that decry white supremacy for example, or that actively support people on the left in their right to free speech when they say something abhorrent, when the left has no such courtesy. So, there is a huge discrepancy in the degree/amount of rhetoric, and the support/agreement of the side.

  18. Zulkisho
    Zulkisho3 weeks ago

    CS Lewis is what it was attributed to, although it might have origins that are older.

  19. Hey innocent naked lesbians Fetish
    Mijas2 weeks ago

    You're so gentle. Anyone ever tell you that?

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