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"If not taking the house and losing a seat or two in the senate during a mid term is what you consider winning...(I consider it a yuge win for Trump) then I guess we agree."

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  1. Kajigore
    Kajigore6 months ago

    Q1. A subjective truth may be objective truth. Truth. The subjects fall is stopped by contact with an immovable object. What the subject believes to be true about an experience may not be an objective truth.

  2. Nar
    Nar6 months ago

    I agree... in FANTASY LAND

  3. Kazrakus
    Kazrakus5 months ago

    First, LeBron needs to worry about being swept. No ring for the king!

  4. Shaktilrajas
    Shaktilrajas5 months ago

    HR and I at every company I work at (as a temp) have gotten to be on a first name basis... I have a real bad case of depth perception. My nose gets stuck in the cracks sometimes...(for those who missed the joke think "brown-noser")

  5. Menos
    Menos5 months ago

    Man faces criticism of inappropriate behavior with a woman in the workplace and responds by saying he hired a disproportionate amount of women to surround him in the workplace.

  6. Знакомства
    Kashakar5 months ago

    You made a claim about my first response.

  7. Kagajora
    Kagajora4 months ago

    Everything that I am too lazy to put down. Perfect!

  8. Shabar
    Shabar4 months ago

    Ben Shapiro is the hero of those who enjoy looking stupid.

  9. Edelweiss sex
    Vomuro4 months ago

    if i could make love to 60's eartha kitt, i would be in heaven. that voice just tingles me all over.

  10. Jurg
    Jurg4 months ago

    The people have spoken and they are fed up with the last sixteen years of liberal epic failure and incompetence in Ontario.

  11. Edelweiss sex
    Dorr4 months ago

    If my monster had coffee my wife would never leave me be. HEYO!

  12. Takora
    Takora4 months ago

    So you're asking can you wait out and bid your time so that chitty behavior becomes more acceptable to them?

  13. Знакомства
    Nikot3 months ago

    Because I am no dog and I do not like being called a dog by someone who thinks they are morally superior to me because they believe in a Bronze Age bullshit fairy tale.

  14. Знакомства
    Mezijind3 months ago

    Are you still religious? Or have you given up on religion altogether? I hope not. The Mormons got a lot right. But sadly they get a lot wrong. I hope you didn?t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  15. Знакомства
    Magrel3 months ago careful your strawman doesn't get too close to any open flames, John...

  16. JoJogis
    JoJogis3 months ago

    Nope. Except for a small percentage of our planet, the universe is fatal to us. Claiming this means the universe is fine tuned for us shows your profound ignorance of science.

  17. Знакомства
    Shazragore2 months ago

    Explain, because you've failed to do so thus far.

  18. Megar
    Megar2 months ago

    Uhh. . . Yeah! Not Germane! Not Albert either, and not Tony and not Mary-Anne and not the guy that operates the checkout counter night shift at the Waymart on Oak Street in Springfield, Delaware.

  19. Знакомства
    Ararisar2 months ago

    Now I have to prove something I don't believe is there, isn't there? I don't know, how about "I don't see any gods, but if one shows up, I'll let everyone know'? Hang on a sec, let me check outside.....nope, no gods outside that I can see.

  20. Voodoot
    Voodoot2 months ago

    Trump's Justice Dept prosecutes white supremacist for hate crimes.

  21. Знакомства
    Mazugami2 months ago

    No sense of humor either eh? Glad I have enough for both of us. HAHAHAHAHA

  22. Mikalrajas
    Mikalrajas1 month ago

    What in the hell is a " cultural fascist" ? Are you another young wacko ?

  23. Mauktilar
    Mauktilar1 month ago

    Trump does not have the moderates, even the moderate Republicans, and he definitely doesn't have the majority of Independents. He's operating wth a minority of the public behind him.

  24. Nakazahn
    Nakazahn1 month ago

    If I knew for certain that this universe was created, but humanity was just a side-effect, that'd make me extremely interested in knowing what the actual plan was supposed to be. I'm rather suspicious of the idea that a plan could be "vast beyond [my] imagination." Maybe I couldn't have come up with a plan myself, and maybe I wouldn't be able to think through all the details, but explaining the point at a general level should be pretty straightforward if there's a plan at all.

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