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"Stephy's main point was -- when boiled down -- about sweeping generalisations. Saying "you are all about the same" with that meme is exactly what Stephy was talking about."

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  1. Kajiktilar
    Kajiktilar1 year ago

    Their own bible condemns them. It clearly teaches--Do not call any MAN Father( in a spiritual teacher sense)--just bible milk--they cant even understand that simple milk. They are taught to bow to a graven carved image that sits behind the pulpit--they kiss their little metal icon cross--The list goes on and on.

  2. Знакомства
    Akigrel1 year ago

    This is an example of the basic immorality of Christianity. In messianic cults it is worth more to worship the messiah than anything else, and the only thing that guarantees salvation.

  3. Kagazahn
    Kagazahn1 year ago

    How would I seem to agree? Like tens of millions of White Americans she has native American ancestry. And?

  4. Kazralkree
    Kazralkree1 year ago

    Not sure getting one's pubic hair waxed is covered under public accommodation. Also, it happened in Canada.

  5. Zular
    Zular1 year ago

    From your article.

  6. Знакомства
    Zulujora1 year ago

    More like La Gross League. I personally wouldn't breastfeed once they could drink whole milk around 1, but I get why many do extended breastfeeding. 5 years old is far too long, though.

  7. Yogrel
    Yogrel11 months ago

    Hey I read some of the list. I wish we could talk face to face. It would be fun! For one I do believe there is evolution in species. So yes there were plant eating fish that eventually turned into flesh eating fish. Why I don't know and the bible doesn't say. What the bible is for is to tell us of God being in control. Most of the old testament tells of the coming of Christ. The new testament tells of Christ being here and put to death for our sins. Like I said thoigh I would have enjoyed shooting the breezeabout this.

  8. Teen redhead free online Teen
    Bazilkree11 months ago

    Just because they say they are Christians doesn't mean they are acting in accordance with Christ.

  9. Bar
    Bar11 months ago

    Not with a straight face.

  10. Tuhn
    Tuhn10 months ago

    "No they want to force people to accept such a union with the force of government. "

  11. Teen redhead free online Teen
    Mezilabar10 months ago

    What if their parents of sold drugs? They could still love their parents but disapprove of their activities. What if their parents were into spouse swapping? They could still of their parents and not like how this was affecting their family. What if there folks ran a dogfighting club? I think you get my drift. Some "hangups" are actually healthy.

  12. Teen redhead free online Teen
    Tojakinos10 months ago

    Why does that make a difference? We're working with a tiny little country in a faraway place (at least from Rome.) We are working with the One who has created a Universe with a few sentences

  13. Teen redhead free online Teen
    Neramar10 months ago

    Yes some what. I am sure it is more complicated than my amateur evaluation but I have seen it many times. Sometimes it seems the more evangelical as a Christian the more adamant as an atheist. I have heard plenty or horrible arguments from atheist that are particularly cringe worthy. Some eventually learn better some do not.

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