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Curtis comic strip april 3 2009

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"Official vows now"

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"Now to commic if they will follow my advice. She arches her back up into mine and her nails dig deep into my back as tears fall from her face, staining her skin and I wipe them away and kiss her. i need time to think.

" She has that evil look on her face again and I scowl at her.

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With her kneeling on the covered mattress, Dickster joined her there face to face, kneeling both together and in an assumed lordly voice intoned.

"I am going to give you a crash course and you can decide if you wanna go on, okay" she said. I will put out the word to my cohorts to pass on any intelligence that they come up with for you through the B.

Please, just help me. I heard sttrip ding, ding, ding of the timer and Marty said, "Kiss me Skipkiss me before you go.

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  3. Curtis comic strip april 3 2009
    Vodal6 months ago

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    Fenrim6 months ago

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  7. Curtis comic strip april 3 2009
    Dibar6 months ago

    So, to you, somehow that becomes "I hate science but I do not dare to admit it here."

  8. Curtis comic strip april 3 2009
    Nerisar6 months ago

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  11. Curtis comic strip april 3 2009
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